What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Who knew that an electrical fire would go so quickly undetected. The damage was more than we thought, but I cannot express how happy I am with how fast the technicians got it all cleaned up, including making sure that the walls looked brand-new again. I’ll be happy to tell my family and friends!

My wife would be so mad at me right now if we didn’t have your SERVPRO company come to clean up after the fire on the outside of our garage. I’ve learned my lesson, no more using the turkey fryer so close to the house!

Kitchen fires are scary! We had a fire extinguisher, but it wouldn’t work. Luckily we got it put out, but we had sticky black soot everywhere, even in our cabinets. I cannot thank the crew enough for cleaning up all of the gunk. I’m shocked there is no trace left, great job.

We had a lightning strike at our home that resulted in a small fire and a lot of smoke. Due to the rain, we also had some leaking from the roof. Your crew helped with boarding up the roof damage and then worked over the next week helping us clean up the devastation. The smoke smell was awful, but somehow you got rid of it.

We never could have got this dried out on our own. I had no idea the water damage was as bad as it was - inside the walls and under the floorboards - just everywhere! Your testing equipment is amazing and we couldn't have cleaned this up without you.

It was comforting to have people who are so good at what they do come in after the devastation and just take over. I knew shortly after you arrived that everything was going to be alright, and you certainly came through for us.